Here are some examples of home automation projects we describe on this site,

  • Hack your TV’s remote control so that it responds to Alexa voice control.
  • Make your wireless doorbell chime when a parcel is delivered.
  • Get an SMS if your are away and your smoke alarm sounds.

Your ability to automate your home will be limited only by your imagination.


The site has three sections, each tailored to a different audience. If you are new to this site, then checkout the Intro Page‘  that provides a technical overview of the home automation system we will help you build.


Ideal for beginners, tutorials provide step by step guides to build your home automation system.


Articles provide in depth discussion on topics that are only briefly described in the Tutorials.  They can be perused at your leisure to expand your knowledge.


Projects are self contained blogs describing how I have turned some of my automation ideas into solutions. They assume knowledge of Arduino microcontrollers and wireless networking using the open source mySensors framework.